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To be clear, we are talking about the promise of value to be delivered to clients at the completion of services rendered or goods received. There is also the value you deliver to employees but for this blog let’s stick to clients.

Get More of the Clients You Want

Whatever field you work in, you provide a distinct value. If you don’t know what that is, bookmark this blog then shut down you computer. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$. Figure out your value before coming back to read this blog!

At Radar Designs, our value is that we get your business an ROI all while sending out positive vibes. To put it more eloquently, we elevate work places and head spaces. 

Refine Your Value

We often hear our clients say that they would like to get more of the clients they want and less of _________(fill in the blank). Oftentimes, if you are fresh to your particular career, have a small database, and not great at networking, you might have to settle with the business you get. This is understandable. Not everyone exits the gate getting the exact clients they want at the price they want. Besides, these are great learning experiences. These initial clients can allow you to identify and refine the value you provide. No matter how early you are in the game, you should start to know your value in order to get the clients you want.

When we first started our company, we thought our value was creating a cool website for a client, or crafting a good logo, or building a complex spreadsheet that ran fancy numbers. As we continued to gain more clients, we learned that providing these goods wasn’t our true worth. Instead, we found a bigger purpose in getting clients a return on their investment. This completely changed our mindset.

We started to realize that we could really help people grow their businesses. It was more than a fancy logo, website, brochure, postcard, spreadsheet, etc. In short, we we identified our real value. We were able to refine and articulate to clients our worth. We started coaching clients. We started consulting businesses on how they could grow. We began seeing logos as the symbol of a company’s worth. We delivered them an ROI while giving them the confidence to know and stick to their value.

Knowing Your Worth Matters

Once we understood our value, we wanted to find clients who wanted a service like ours. We no longer were looking for clients who just wanted a quick logo, or a ‘simple’ brochure. Rather, we wanted clients who believed in getting an ROI from spending money with us.

All of a sudden, we knew how to get the clients we wanted and our prices reflected that. We no longer had to run ragged working hard for people who didn’t appreciate leadership theory, brand theory, marketing trends and analytics, and quality and excellence. We would no longer lower our prices. We would practice honesty with kindness and empathy. We knew, to get the clients we wanted and to get them an ROI, these things were required.

Not Holding to Your Value

Now, here is the hard truth. If you continue to devalue your services, you will lose clients. You will lose employees. You will not get the clients you want. You will miss out on the reward of loving what you do. Eventually, you will despise going into work everyday. Like the old Chinese proverb says:

Let’s say you are real estate agent who provides honesty, timely service, and integrity in every deal, no matter the price of the home. Let’s go even further to say at the end of every transaction, clients are happy with their purchase and happy with you. It sounds like your value is creating a happy real estate transaction from start to close.

You are great at what you do! Why compromise your commission? Why burden yourself and your team members? Why dread picking up that call from that client who is paying you less to do more. Say no and goodbye to demanding, unappreciative clients. You know your value and you live up to it every single transaction! Walk in that. Rest in that.

Lean In

Today is the day to get the clients you want.

Whatever it is you do it, whether you are a real estate agent, CEO, or small business owner, do it with the confidence that comes when you know your worth and believe in it. You will be happier. Your staff will respect you more – they will be happier. This is the first step to get the clients you want. It will help you garner the referrals you’d like.

Ultimately, knowing your value and sticking to it pays off.

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