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Maintaining and growing social media accounts can be a daunting task, especially when there are influencers and content creators everywhere claiming to know “the next best thing.” Every business is unique and requires a different set of tools to become and remain successful. Creating content that is relatable and appealing to your target audience should be your number one priority, but there are other ways to ensure you are providing useful information that will keep following coming and, more importantly, staying.

First, aligning your content creation strategy with your business goals is crucial organically grow Instagram. To ensure you are keeping a cohesive brand image and telling a story that your followers can learn from, enjoy, and be impacted by, you have to establish what your goal is with your social media account. Do you want to teach, entertain, or impact your audience? Do you want to do all three? People will follow your page and stick around if it is providing information that they believe is relatable and easy to apply to their own lives. Below are three ways to organically grow Instagram account and maintain followers who will benefit you and your business.

Create content with your target audience in mind.

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to create content that your followers will understand, relate to, and/or learn from. People tend to unfollow accounts that they do not see themselves utilizing or are simply not posting information that is useful or relevant to their personal lives. For example, restaurants should be posting photos of their food and drink options that look appetizing and will lead their followers to think “Wow, that looks so good! Maybe we should go there for dinner?” It would not make any sense for a burger joint to post a photo of a half eaten sandwich that someone didn’t finish. Appeal to your intended audience you will organically grow Instagram accounts easily.

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Show up consistently.

You don’t have to go crazy and post multiple times a day, but you do need to post on your grid (profile) at least once a day and update your stories multiple times. Reels are another unique tool that you can post once in a while to break up your feed and entertain your followers. Your grid should be thought out and cohesive with your branding.

Make sure to upload a photo a day, but keep an aesthetic that makes sense. Switch it up, don’t post two photos in row that look the same or have the same contents. Consumers love to see a tasteful Instagram profile, and posting daily will keep your business top of mind. Stories are a great way to post a quick photo with questions, polls, or fun stickers.

Have fun with it!

Don’t take yourself too seriously when you are creating content and planning your brand story. Social media is meant to be fun, and that is what keeps people around. Posting funny reels or “this or that” questions on your story is a sure way to get people engaged and involved with your account. Consumers love to feel heard and understood, so showing off the relatable face behind your business provides a sense of trust and creates a relationship with your followers that will keep them coming back to your page and engaging with your posts.

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All in all, Instagram is the perfect platform to show off your business and create a bond with the audience you are intending to reach. It doesn’t have to be scary or exhausting creating content and trying to up your follower count.

If you create content with your target audience in mind, show up consistently, have fun with it, and stay true to your brand story, followers will flood to your account and want to stick around for the pleasing content and relatable captions! Contact us today with any questions on how to organically grow Instagram accounts.

Published On: June 8, 2022 / Categories: Content Marketing, Social Media /

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