Your CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, is the most important asset to your business. Used correctly, it seamlessly provides a resource to take a client from lead, to closed sale, to satisfied customer, to referral.

Most businesses do not have the time to change their processes. It takes time to properly set up a new CRM, train all employees and create a culture that champions it. We know from experience, that a CRM only works if you use it and use it correctly.

In 2008, Harvard Business Review released an article titled, Why CRM Projects Fail and How to Make Them More Successful, in which Scott Edinger details why so many CRM systems never live up to the hype. He writes,

The primary reason they miss the mark in helping companies increase revenue is that CRM systems are too often used for inspection — to report on progress, improve accuracy of forecasts, provide visibility, predict project delivery dates, and provide a range of other business intelligence — rather than creating improvement in the sales process.

Scott Edinger, 2008, Harvard Business Review

Improving Your CRM & Sales Process

At On the Radar Designs, we take the hard work off of your plate. We provide a full setup of your new CRM tailored to your business, all to improve your sales process. We do a full build out of the back end, document all processes for business sustainability, train your employees, and provide management of the CRM until your team is able to fully take over the reins.

Recently, we’ve guided several companies from their old CRMs into ones like Brivity, Insightly, and more. New features are rolled out weekly. It isn’t easy for a busy team to stay in front of constant changes. We’re here to take the hard work off your plate.

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