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Want people to read your flier, look at your postcard, flip through your brochure, spend time on your website?

Of course you do! That’s why fonts and typography absolutely matter!

Why? Because the fonts you choose and how you use them have a direct impact on readability. That’s why, choosing fonts that are legible, clear, and enticing can encourage your audience to do exactly what you want them to do, which is actually read your marketing materials and spend time on your website.

(If you want to read more about How Type Influences Readability this article by Google Fonts explains it well.)

Alright, here are a few fonts we love incorporating into our client projects and even our own. Plus, they’re clear and legible!

3 Fonts We Love

(with links to download)

Today, we’re talking about 3 fonts we love. All of these fonts have the potential to be extremely readable. Go here for tips on how to size and style these fonts (which you don’t want to miss). These tips will ensure you keep your audience engaged.

1. DM Sans

Move the Helvetica over! This stunning geometrical font is here to stay. Use it everywhere, as headers and paragraph text. That’s what’s going on here in this paragraph and the header above.

2. PT Serif

For a modern yet classic look, use PT Serif as paragraph text with DM Sans for your headers. That’s exactly what’s happening in this paragraph and above header right now.

Or Switch it up, like this.

2. PT Serif

For a more classic but modern look, use PT Serif as your headers with DM Sans for your paragraph text. This paragraph and above header are examples of this font duo.

3. Plus Jakarta Sans

It’s the font you’re reading right now. It’s what you see on this website (outside of the provided examples). It’s mostly what you see in our email campaigns.

Like DM Sans, Plus Jakarta Sans is a legible geometric font. It’s just a bonus that Plus Jakarta Sans is fun to say!

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Published On: January 11, 2023 / Categories: Design Tips /

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