As a small business owner, you are a walking billboard for your business. That’s why having a curated personal brand is important to taking up mindshare in your customers, clients and acquaintances.

What is a Personal Brand?

What is a personal brand? Simply put, it’s how you present yourself and it can be a powerful force in your professional success.  A well-curated personal brand reflects your interest, skills, and values across multiple platforms. Check out the 4 reasons why a small business owner should have a strong personal brand.

1. A Personal Brand Establishes Connections

A successful personal brand showcases who you are in a way that makes working with you seem appealing or beneficial to potential clients. It allows for a stronger human connection as clients and potential clients can quickly establish who you are and see the value of your partnership.

2. A Personal Brand Controls Your Story

A strong personal brand makes you the author of your story.  By creating and distributing content that reflects your personal brand in a straightforward and likable way, you control the most immediately visible things people discover about you. When you  make your personal brand known, you remove any ambiguity potential clients might have about you. A 2019 study on personal branding  confirmed that ‘personal branding leads to greater career satisfaction, fully mediated by perceived employability.’

3. A Personal Brand Showcases Your Abilities

You should utilize your personal branding content to show your value proposition, personality and skillset. Showing off your talents in an authentic way alongside your values allows you the space to connect with the types of clients that you will be successful with for the long term.

4. A Personal Brand Expands Your Network

Producing content that aligns with your personal brand and participating in activities that align with your personal brand both work to expand your network allowing your list of potential clients and customers to grow, while still resonating with current clients. These are people who may not have ever heard of your business if it were not for you living out your personal brand.

If you want to learn more about building a personal brand and showcasing it to get more of the clients you want, contact us today for an initial consultation.

Published On: August 23, 2022 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing /

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